Dmitry Grebënkin

I am an experienced architecture and urban design professional with in-depth, hands-on expertise in project management. I hold a Master degree in Architectural Studies. I am highly skilled in analyzing project objectives, setting project goals, establishing and facilitating team collaboration, and implementing an innovative and efficient approach to the design process.

The Way I See

«A man is an inappropriate being in a physical world because he is conscious, but the world is not. A man sets his consciousness in a space, and the space, in this situation, becomes humane - this is architecture as art. In a building, a man creates a place for his body, in architecture for his consciousness. In other words, humane space is a space that has a meaning. And since this meaning is read so clearly after a generation has passed, during which the creation of a particular architecture had to be done, then the following statement is probably acceptable: architecture is the answer with space to the question about the meaning of life.
Awareness of space, therefore, begins with self-awareness, with a hypothesis about the meaning of your life. This is pretty important, I think. It is believed that the architectural sense is born either from tradition, or from the personal innovations of a master this is a mistake. It is born from the artist reflection of the uniqueness of life here and now, from the act of relating his and his generation's existence to the human existence in general.»
Grigoriy Revzin «The Magnificent Twenty»